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Launch of 'Saathi' Application

28 Jun, 2024 | Research & Innovation

IIT Kanpur launched 'Saathi' - an application designed to help learners actively engage with basic concepts in reading, writing (recognition and typing in letters), and arithmetic. 

The app, launched at Nalanda School, Nankari by Prof. Shalabh Shalabh, Dean of Academic Affairs IIT Kanpur, through its gamified learning, encourages young learners to develop both digital literacy and conceptual understanding in a fun and engaging manner. 

Under the guidance of Prof. Anveshna Srivastava from the Department of Cognitive Science, Shashwat Gupta (B.Tech, CSE) and his team developed these interesting educational games as part of a social initiative under ACM SIGCHI IIT Kanpur Student Chapter.

The games are available in both Hindi and English. There are around 9 games that focus on object recognition (name-picture matching), identifying the first letter, comparing quantities (greater than, less than, and equal to), counting objects, number recognition (number matching with name and vice-versa), reading a clock, understanding a calendar and a fun alphabet game (identifying what comes after or before a letter, etc.).